What three-line bathroom brand brand features and shopping skills

Nowadays, various products in the building materials industry are dazzling, so consumers don't understand how to choose. The bathroom, as the bulk of home improvement, also takes a lot of time and effort when choosing. Many products will be divided into first-tier, second-tier and third-tier brands. Today, we come to understand what the next three-line bathroom brands are and their characteristics and purchasing skills.

What are the first and third line bathroom brands ?

There are more brands belonging to the third-line sanitary ware , so today we will cite some of the more famous brands.

1, King, special, gold silk Yuma, Crown Star King, Jin Ai Tao.

2. Golden helm, Kamiya, Loulan, Ouya, Xinyi.

3, Week 7, Vero, Asia, Eton, Europe and the United States.

4. Aoxiang, Xinghui, Suni, Datang, and Fanoya.

What are the characteristics of the second and third line bathroom brands ?

1, three-line bathroom brands are generally belong to small and medium-sized enterprises, because the production equipment, branding, etc. will be relatively lower than the first and second-tier brands. Because of this, the bathroom price of the third-line brand will be relatively low, so it is very cost-effective.

2. The sanitary ware of the third-line brand likes to combine local folk cultural characteristics and develop different bathroom products according to the preferences of everyone, so it is also very much loved by consumers.

3, three-line bathroom and large brands compared to the strength may indeed have a larger distance, but the three-wire bathroom will meet the funds for skills development, take the road of pure skills, which is the quality of products and conditions for progress. Moreover, because of the small planning, companies can change the technology with the market demand, update the equipment, transform quickly, and can produce the trend products at a faster rate.

4, three-line brand bathroom more than rooted in the local, through the deep deposition in the local lake, able to show this intact, with repairs and after-sales service in a timely manner, to provide customers with timely after-sales service and repair.

Third and third line brand bathroom selection skills

Everyone has some doubts about the positioning of the third-line brands, so they must be scrupulous about the quality of their products. So today, Xiao Bian will teach you how to buy a three-tier brand bathroom.

1, carefully observe

It is best to carefully observe the reflection of the surface of the bathroom from the side in a relatively strong light environment. Generally, products with less surface or no pitting are more qualified. The use of high-quality glazed materials and sanitary ware made by a good craftsmanship is good for the radioactivity of light, and the visual effect is also very good.

2, serious touch

Hand gently rub on the surface of the bathroom, flat and delicate is a better product, the back can also be touched by hand, with a slight sense of friction will be better.

3, tap to listen

By tapping the surface of the bathroom gently, the ceramic material with relatively clear sound is also better.

Editor's summary: The above is what Xiaobian has about the three-line sanitary ware brand , the characteristics of the three-line sanitary ware brand and the purchasing skills. I hope that by reading this article, we can have a more accurate understanding of the sanitary ware of the third-line brand and we can choose Cost-effective bathroom products.

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