Shang Chao shelf daily maintenance tips

If you regularly maintain the supermarket shelves, then you can extend the shelf life, the following are several precautions supermarket shelf maintenance First, although the shelves are made of surface treatment, but in the use of the process should also pay attention to moisture. The shelves need to be wiped clean with rags after being damped to avoid rusting of the shelves. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the position of the interface of the shelves. It is easier to rust.
Second, do not overload the shelf during use. Each shelf has its maximum load, and it has been doomed at the time of its design. Therefore, during the course of use, do not force the load to avoid potential safety hazards.
Third, pay attention to the size of the goods, do not exceed the height. The size of the card board and the goods should be less than 100mm in the size of the shelves.
Fourth, take care during the cargo handling process to avoid hitting the shelves.
Fifth, we must abide by the principle of placing light objects on the shelves and laying heavy objects on the bottom.
Sixth, to choose a qualified card board, do not use non-standard card board.
VII. When storing goods on shelves, avoid personnel from entering the bottom of the shelf and safety first.
This article is edited: Langfang Jiacheng Shelf Factory

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