Bathroom decoration design eliminates three types of dead ends

Many consumers believe that it is a very fulfilling thing to design your own home and make it personal. However, almost every renovated home will have some regrets, or the design is not well thought out, or the negligence of the decoration leaves a "sequel". Especially in the bathroom, don't underestimate this inconspicuous place. If you don't have a complete design, the decoration here will also make a mess. This function is supreme, and the space of plumbing and heating is very difficult at home. The decoration design, sanitary ware selection and construction quality cannot be vague. Whether it is a decoration company or a consumer, as long as you don't pay attention, you will leave a "dead corner" and add trouble to your future use. The "dead angle" mentioned here mainly includes the following three aspects:

One: I did not consider the installation before the purchase, and found that it was neither beautiful nor convenient to use.

According to reports, in recent years, consumers have become more and more willing to spend money on bathroom decoration, and in addition to construction, the follow-up investment is also very large, usually only the cost of purchasing sanitary ware will probably account for 1 / of the total renovation 8 or so. Due to the variety of sanitary products, the price varies greatly from a few hundred yuan to more than ten thousand yuan. When consumers buy in the home improvement market, they often pick up their eyes. After buying home, they find that they are not in harmony with their own bathroom. . For example, the hand-washed wash basin in the market is very beautiful, but when you buy it home, you find that it is too big, and it has occupied a part of the space of the toilet, so that neither the tissue box nor the trash can can be "everyone". The result is It is not convenient every time "convenient".

Experts remind: Consumers should consider what kind of products to purchase in the design stage. During construction, they can reserve space according to the specific installation requirements and technical parameters of the purchased products, renovate pipelines, create installation conditions, and ensure decoration. The process can be completed smoothly and the bathroom products can be installed and used normally.

The second: before the start of construction, it is not considered well, and the construction is modified. The water circuit transformation has no map to find, leaving hidden dangers for the subsequent construction.

Under normal circumstances, the decoration company will draw the decoration design drawings for the owners, including the overall renderings, detailed construction drawings and water circuit reconstruction drawings. However, some owners have not communicated with the designers in advance, and they are not thoughtful. As the construction progresses, the original design is proposed to be revised. In this way, the construction is modified, and the concealed works such as water circuit reconstruction are completed. , leaving hidden dangers for subsequent construction. The reader Zhang was like this. During the construction process, the original design was modified. When he later installed the bathroom mirror and the towel rack, he found that there was no way to face the wall. I don’t know which tile under the tile hidden wire, he can only Slowly recall with the decoration workers, try to avoid the embedding, even if it is not spared.

When there is a water circuit in the bathroom that needs to be remodeled, the consumer must ask the designer for a circuit transformation map in advance. If there is any change in the construction process, the consumer must communicate with the designer and draw a transformation diagram, and then start construction. It is best not to modify it while constructing, so as not to cause damage to the wire during the construction of the wall.

Third: The design is not flexible, and a slight error in the construction will cause a series of rework.

This situation is more common in the bathroom. If the socket on the wall is fixed, the height of the ceiling is found to be in conflict with it, but the tile has been attached and it is difficult to change. Another example is that when the wash basin is installed in place, it is found that the pipeline cannot pass normally, and only has to bend a few corners to wear it out of the bathroom cabinet.

Consumers must consider whether existing designs and future construction are feasible and flexible before purchasing sanitary products. If the faucet needs to pre-embed the appropriate water supply pipeline, the bathroom cabinet requires sufficient installation space. The toilet seat needs to consider the wall distance. The shower room needs to consider the load-bearing wall and the floor drain position. These conditions must be done in the home decoration construction. Only, otherwise the bathroom products can not be installed and used.

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