Shower screen and shower Which good shower screen is necessary to buy it

Bathing can make us relax the tiredness of the day. Nowadays people are demanding more and more quality of life, so the market has introduced a new type of bathing tool. That's the shower screen. The shower screen is more advanced than the traditional shower. So many people ask which is better shower screen and shower it? Give us today to answer shower screen and shower which is good to see the need to buy a shower screen do!

1. Which is better shower screen and shower

Shower screen

Advantages: The appearance of the shower screen looks good, giving a sense of high-end quality. During use, the splashes do not splatter easily, leaving the bathroom relatively dry. Some high-end shower screens also have a massage function to meet different needs.

Disadvantages: The price of the shower screen is still relatively expensive, generally about a thousand dollars. Because of the many functions, the operation buttons are easy to filth and difficult to clean. The shower screen structure is more complicated than the shower, and it is also troublesome to repair after damage. Because the shower screen has more water on the ground, the pressure required is also large. The smaller water output and water pressure of the water heater can not meet, and the shower screen is also a waste of water.


Advantages: The shower is cheap and easy to install, suitable for showers of different sizes, saving space. Compact, easy to clean, save water. The required water pressure is also small and easy to use.

Disadvantages: less function, splashing when the pressure is high, so that the shower is very humid.

Is it necessary to buy a shower screen

Looked at the above description is not the mind with the idea that should not buy a shower screen, here to give you suggestions, we must first consider the size of the units and the house, and then come the space occupied by the shower screen, if your house is small, There is no need to install a shower screen, otherwise it will greatly reduce the space utilization.

In winter time, shower screen rooms can retain heat and only wet small areas, leaving people feeling cold when they take a shower and turn off the water. You must also consider the actual economic situation. If you feel that buying a shower screen is not expensive, buy it.

How to clean and maintain the shower screen

If you want to extend the longevity of a thing, maintenance and cleaning are important. How to clean and maintain the shower screen? When the shower screen needs cleaning, pay attention to use a soft cloth, clean with a neutral detergent, do not use acid, Alkaline solvents, pharmaceuticals (such as hydrochloric acid), acetone thinners and other solvents, decontamination powder, etc., otherwise it will have adverse effects on the human body. In normal use, it is necessary to prevent direct sunlight from collapsing with the shower screen, otherwise the electronic components in the shower screen will be damaged.

The above is the shower screen and shower which brings you which is good , read the above description I believe we have some ideas on whether to buy a shower screen, hope that the above introduction can help everyone, if you want to know other information, please continue Pay attention to this site.

Which is better shower screen and shower

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