Six misunderstandings of buying mahogany furniture

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Misunderstanding is too much attention to price, cheap

The purchase of mahogany furniture should first establish a sense of quality, and the pieces of the handed down works are all fine, and bad things will definitely be abandoned. If we are cheap, it is difficult to buy a boutique. Even if the price is high when buying, the appreciation space will be large, and the shoddy furniture, even if the price is lower, it is impossible to appreciate.

Misunderstanding 2 cares about the true and false wood, ignoring the advantages and disadvantages of the selection

Material fidelity is the minimum guarantee for the purchase of mahogany furniture. A fine mahogany furniture has high requirements for material selection. It must be a selection of large materials, no white skin, no patchwork, otherwise the furniture is easy to crack and deform, and it is difficult to use normally. Nothing to talk about.

Misunderstanding three heavy materials do not work heavy

Many customers only care about materials when buying mahogany furniture, thinking that as long as the material is good, there is a collection value. I don’t know that mahogany furniture is a three-part seven-point division. The material is just the foundation. No good work is equal to a pile of wood, without any collection value. . The good wood does not mean that the furniture is good, just like the same four treasures of the study, the works of ordinary people and the works of calligraphy and painting, the gap can be imagined. Furniture made of the same wood, good and bad is also a world of difference.

Misunderstanding four too entangled in the price rise and fall

Redwood is a rare tree species, and the scarcity of resources has caused its prices to continue to rise. As a gem of Chinese traditional culture, mahogany furniture combines aesthetics, practicality, collection and many other advantages. Appreciation is an inevitable process. The cyclical fluctuations of prices are normal. If you have already investigated it, you will get it as soon as possible. The bigger, especially the now very popular Sian rosewood, the resources are almost exhausted, and it will be hard to find a few years later.

Misunderstanding 5 believes that repurchase is guaranteed

There are a lot of traps here, it is just a means for merchants to divert customers' attention, so that customers can enter the misunderstanding of "no matter what, anyway, they can return the goods in the future, can't eat the loss". I don’t know if there is a lot of learning here. First, there are a lot of restrictions on the repurchase. The initiative is entirely in the hands of the merchants. Second, the price of the rosewood is too high. If you want to buy it again, you need to spend several times more money. Still have to be good quality at the time of purchase, one step in place.

Misunderstanding 6 must be "suppressed" to be the best

Ming and Qing furniture is the pinnacle of the history of China's furniture development, leaving us with many classic works with beautiful shapes and high craftsmanship. Imitation is a good thing, but you can't think that something innovative is not good. Furniture is a daily necessities, and it is not necessary to neglect the basic attributes of furniture for the sake of pure antiques. Any art and everything must be developed and innovative to achieve the glory of each era. If our mahogany furniture has always stayed on the antiques, compared with hundreds of years ago, from style to size, it shows that our industry and the industry are too creative.

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