What styles do you have in the living room wall? Living room wall sticker advantages

The living room wall refers to the decorative painting in the center of the living room. In fact, most people agree that the living room wall is a decorative painting on the blank wall behind the living room TV. From the perspective of decorative painting, there are many forms of expression, such as calligraphy, landscape painting, meticulous painting, oil painting, and even wallpaper. Next, the decoration home network Xiaobian takes you to look at the style and stickers of the living room wall!


First, the style of the living room wall

1. Modern minimalist style, as the name implies, the overall design reflects the style concept of simplicity without losing the modern charm. In the simple style, the color of the living room is mostly white, paying attention to detail, giving room space to life and fun. It can not only satisfy people's lifestyle and demand functions, but also reflect people's own taste, cultural background and cultivation connotation. In the design style, it also contains the master's understanding of life, but also reveals the unique cultural connotation.

2. Modern Chinese style The new Chinese-style living room is particularly solemn because the new Chinese-style living room is dominated by vermilion, blush, and coffee. The biggest feature of the new Chinese-style living room decoration is that it is particularly durable and never tired of looking. The new Chinese style living room combines modern elements with traditional elements through the understanding of traditional culture, and creates traditional charm with the aesthetic needs of modern people, so that traditional art can be properly reflected in today's society, so that traditional furniture is The use of modern living rooms is more diverse.

3, rural rustic style living room often used wood, stone, rattan, bamboo, fabrics and other natural materials, combined with indoor greening, to create a natural, simple rural style living room. The idyllic living room can turn the living room space into a "green space" through greening. The peace of mind is close to nature. Who knows the taste? This is the infinite charm of the pastoral scenery, and the other practical advantage it brings to people is that it is not fashionable. Don't worry about being outdated. And green is good for the eyes. The more the society develops, the more people admire nature, so the simple rural style will never be outdated.

Second, the living room background wall stickers

1. Advantages of sticking wall stickers: simple operation, low cost, various types of patterns, and easy replacement. Disadvantages: There are requirements on the wall surface, the adhesion is not strong, and the life is short. Recommendation: Suitable for short-term renters, short-term renovation can be used.

2, professional wallpaper advantages: strong paste, overall good effect, long-term use, a variety of patterns. Disadvantages: The operation is complicated, the cost is high, and it is not easy to replace. Recommendation: Suitable for self-purchase decoration.

3, folding tile collage advantages: 1, the decoration effect is very high-end, there are a variety of patterns, according to their own decoration style and preferences to choose TV background wall patterns, such as Chinese style, European style, modern style and so on. Disadvantages: The price is relatively expensive, because it is customized, so it takes about 20 days to get the goods after the general purchase.


The living room wall is the soul of the living room. The excellent background wall can make the living room look new. The above is the knowledge and related content of the living room wall provided by Xiaobian. If you want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network. .

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