How to do daily maintenance of electric sweeper?

How to do daily maintenance of electric sweeper?
Electric sweepers are what we often call electric sweepers. Sweepers are a popular cleaning device. Many users use the push sweeper for the first time. After it is used, it is used for the first time. The daily maintenance steps are not yet clear, then next, Wuhan Ai Shiyi Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction to how to do the daily maintenance of electric sweeper?
1. After cleaning, clean the machine, wipe the sweeper with a dry cloth, and place the sweeper in a clean, damp environment. Wait for use;
2. After the sweeping is completed, dump the dustbin and dusting device cleanly and clean the filter screen to avoid obstruction in the sweeper and affect the next cleaning;
3, check whether the battery has electricity, if not enough power, please charge in time, check whether the connection is overheating when charging;
4, check the wheels, battery plugs, motors and other important parts, whether the screws are loose, deformation, etc., in order to avoid the use of the process caused by failure;
5. Check or repair the machine every week or every month to ensure that the sweeper can be used normally.
The electric sweeper not only has a good cleaning effect, but also has a high cleaning efficiency. It is deeply loved by many users. If you want to learn more about the electric sweeper products, please dial Gaomei's hotline 027-83774977 directly. Gaomei Product Consultant Please feel free to call us.

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