Analysis of 10 Reasons for Abnormal Vibration of Hydraulic Oil Pump Motor

What causes the abnormal vibration of the hydraulic motor? The manufacturer of Dalan Motors tells you the specific reasons for the following: 1. Due to the imbalance of the rotor, coupler, coupling and transmission wheel. 2. The gears and couplings connected with the hydraulic motor are faulty, the gears are poorly engaged, the gear teeth are seriously worn, the wheel is poorly lubricated, the coupling is skewed and misaligned, the toothed coupling is toothed, the tooth pitch is wrong, and the gap is Excessive or severe wear can cause certain vibrations. 3. The iron core bracket is loose, the oblique key and the pin are loose, and the rotor is not tied tightly, which will cause the rotating part to be unbalanced. 4. During the installation process, the linkage part of the linkage system caused by poor alignment and improper installation is not centered, the center line does not coincide, and the centering is not correct. 5. The center line of the linkage part is coincident in the cold state, but after running for a period of time, due to the deformation of the rotor fulcrum and foundation, the center line is destroyed again, thus generating vibration. 6. Installation problems, the fixing between the motor and the base plate is not strong, the foot bolts are loose, and the bearing seat and the base plate are loose. 7. The structure of the motor itself is elliptical, the shaft is elliptical, the shaft is bent, the gap between the shaft and the bearing bush is too large or too small, and the rigidity of the bearing seat, the foundation plate, a part of the foundation and even the entire motor installation base is insufficient. 8. The excessive or too small gap between the shaft and the bearing bush can not only cause vibration but also cause abnormal lubrication and temperature of the bearing bush. 9. The load transmitted by the motor is transmitted, such as the fan driven by the motor and the vibration of the pump, causing the motor to vibrate. 10. AC motor stator wiring error, winding-type asynchronous motor rotor winding short circuit, synchronous motor excitation winding turn-to-turn short circuit, synchronous motor excitation coil connection error, cage asynchronous motor rotor broken strip, rotor core deformation caused by stator and rotor air gap Both cause the air gap flux to be unbalanced and cause vibration. Of course, there are many reasons for the vibration of the hydraulic motor. This article is only a summary of common problems. If you have different opinions and suggestions, you are welcome to discuss them together. ----- Responsible Editor: Dalan Oil Pump Motor 02- Purchasing Consultant Copyright http:/(Dalan Motor) Reprint, please indicate the source

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