Sofa background wall basic classification sofa background wall development prospects

The sofa wall refers to the wall behind the sofa, which is the focus of the public. Decorative materials mainly include: hand-painted silk soft bag, hand-painted gold foil wallpaper, wall relief, tile mural, printed mural, ordinary wallpaper and so on. Next, follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to see the basic classification and development prospects of the sofa wall!


First, the basic classification of sofa background wall

1. Tile art wall, using the latest printing technology, plus special production techniques, print any favorite art to the ordinary materials of different materials we see everyday, let each piece of regular Tiles become a piece of art. These art combinations have become the wall of tile art. The tile wall is a combination of ceramic tile and art. The personalized customization meets the requirements of people who want to express their attitudes and attitudes from the decoration of the sofa wall.

2. Decorative painting sofa background wall, in order to make the sofa wall beautiful, the simplest choice of the user is to decorate the painting according to his own preferences and taste.

3. Hand-painted sofa background wall, hand-painted gold foil background wall painting hand-painted works on the sofa background wall, is also the choice of many users today. Large-scale hand-painted works can not only decorate the living room beautifully, but also highlight the quality of life and taste of the user.

4. The sofa background wall of digital furniture decoration mainly refers to the sofa background wall decorated with Bluetooth decorative painting speakers. The wireless Bluetooth decorative painting speaker looks like a picture, but it is actually a Bluetooth-controlled speaker. This decorative painting speaker can not only decorate the sofa wall very beautiful, but also has the digital function of playing music.

5. Gold foil hand-painted background wall belongs to high-end luxury material. Gold foil is a new hand-painted wall with 9x9 cm piece of gold foil hand-applied on the material. After several processes, the metal texture is irreplaceable by other materials. The hand-drawn pictures can be customized as needed.

Second, the development of the sofa background wall

Technology can change people's lives, but it can't change people's emotional dependence on home. Today, people have become more and more demanding on the quality and taste requirements of the living environment. People's decoration ideas for the living room began to mature, from simple decoration and decoration to focusing on technology and art decoration, once to meet their potential needs for individual lifestyle. With the full arrival of the era of decorative design, the status of the living room has gradually escalated. In the past, the living room was just a place for gatherings, watching TV, and meeting guests. Today, the living room is the most important digital entertainment center in the home. Users should watch TV, watch movies, play games, etc. in the living room. Many experts believe that the wall design is a very promising industry. As part of the decorative design, the background wall decoration design conforms to the general trend of the industry and is about to blow out.


The sofa background wall is one of the key points of the decoration of the bedroom wall. It plays a very important role in the design of the wall. The above is the knowledge of the sofa wall provided by Xiaobian and related content. If you want to know more about decoration consultation, Please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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