U.S. Chinese-American professors receive research funding to develop edible monitors

According to the “World News” report of the United States, the team led by Honghu Liu (UCLA) Chinese-American Professor Hong Hong has recently obtained a US$4 million research fund from the National Institute of Mental Health, and will During the year, an edible drug monitor was researched. The monitor was taken with the drug and signaled to the console in the body so that researchers could understand the mechanism of drug action, especially the role of the drug in AIDS patients.

The overall goal of the project is to develop a sophisticated swallowable monitor to measure and monitor the adherence of antiretroviral medications to AIDS patients.

Liu Hongjun led team researchers from UCLA, Nebraska Medical Center, and Yale and Harvard universities. Study a technology product called Digital Circuit Health Feedback System (PDHF). This product has been approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The PDHF system uses a tiny, swallowable monitor that puts the monitor and medicine in capsules. When the patient swallows, the monitor will send a Bluetooth signal to a mobile device in the body. After the mobile device receives the signal, it sends a message to the main controller to record the status of the swallowed drug.

Liu Hongyi's team will also study the accuracy, acceptability, and safety and stability of PDHF. This project is considered to be an important step in the medical research of the adherence of AIDS patients' medicines and brings good news to these patients who need difficult medical monitoring.

He has a UCLA Ph.D. in biostatistics and has devoted himself to research design, data analysis, and statistical modeling during more than 20 years of scientific research. Research areas include medical, dental, health services and public health.

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