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The indoor spiral staircase has the function of connecting to the vertical space and is one of the essential practical furniture in our home. With the pursuit and longing for quality of life, the artistic value of the stairs has gradually been included in the scope of purchase. Therefore, many consumers now prefer indoor spiral staircases. The price is more of a concern for consumers. Today Xiao Bian will introduce the related contents of the indoor spiral staircase .

Indoor spiral staircase material classification

There are many kinds of stairs materials, such as solid wood, steel wood, glass, steel, marble and so on. Each of these materials has its own characteristics.

When more and more villas, penthouses and penthouses enter the world of ordinary people, the stairs are no longer just the exclusive of the manor, the castle, and Qionglou Yuyu. Time pushes the stairs from purely functional accessories. Ornamental home ornament evolved.

Or elegant, or masculine, or unsophisticated, in every detail of the stairs, humane care is reflected. It is no longer a "accessory" that connects upstairs and downstairs, but a piece of furniture endowed with vitality. The elegant and elegant style of the European style and the simplicity and elegance of Chinese style can also give modern simplicity and coolness, retroism and vicissitudes.

It not only has profound fineness, exquisite styling and elegant temperament. It uses Chinese craftsmanship to deduce foreign human civilization and interprets the mythical or beautiful or pure and pure emotions and makes your heart excuse me. , Explaining the ancient culture submerged by modern civilization!

Indoor spiral staircase prices

The price of indoor spiral staircases ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands of yuan. The material of the stairs is different, and the price will be different. Should generally be between 6,000 and 8,000 yuan. Next, Xiao Bian gave everyone the material, one by one to introduce its price.

1, solid wood spiral staircase

The solid wood spiral staircase itself has a natural warmth, coupled with a comfortable foot, paint color and easy change and other furniture, construction is relatively easy, it has become the first choice for many consumers. However, the prices of such stairs are vulnerable to the price of solid wood. Usually a set of all-wood spiral stairs, the price between 2 - 40,000, if there is a specific request for wood, will be based on the price of wood will change.

2, steel wood spiral staircase

Steel wood spiral staircases are less expensive than solid wood spiral staircases. Steel wood spiral staircase is a combination of stainless steel and solid wood, both the warmth of the solid wood spiral staircase and the simplicity of the steel. There is some fashion in the tradition. The price of steel-wood spiral staircases is generally between 10,000 and 20,000.

3, glass spiral staircase

The glass spiral staircase is a new thing, and its buying population is mainly for young people who are more modern. Most of the glass is frosted, not completely transparent, and has a thickness of 10 mm or more. This kind of stairs also uses wood products as handrails. The price of glass spiral staircases is similar to that of steel-wood staircases, generally between 10,000 and 30,000.

4, steel spiral staircase

One of the most fashionable elements on the market today. If you add glass pedals and railings, you can achieve the most popular minimalist style of foreign countries, but the cost is not cheap. Suitable for a small number of people with active personality and active thinking. Choosing a steel spiral staircase is a more modern approach. Steel spiral staircases are generally sprayed with matt paint on the surface of the material, without the glistening dazzling sensation. Such stairs materials and processing fees are high. In addition, there are steel wire, hemp rope, etc. made of the staircase guardrail, coupled with wooden floors and handrails, the price is relatively low.

5, marble spiral staircase

The stairs of this material are more suitable for families that have already laid marble in the interior to protect the uniformity of interior colors and materials. Generally, marble is used to lay the stairs, and most of the handrails can be selected to retain wood products, so that in the cold space, add a little warm color material. The price of this kind of decoration mainly depends on whether the marble is expensive.

The above is the introduction of the related contents of the indoor spiral staircase. I hope to help you. For more information on stairs, please continue to follow this site information

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