Plastic net tells the processing flow of pp recycled materials

PP recycled material is also polypropylene recycled material. Regeneration also refers to recycling, which is a general term after the second thermoplastic treatment in terms of new raw materials. After the general plastic is used once, it can be used as a raw material again by the heat-extrusion granulation of the recycling machine, and the recycled polypropylene material is called PP recycled material. Let's take a look at the processing flow of pp recycled materials:
First, the first processing of raw materials, sorting
1. Raw material source: PP is mostly from daily necessities, plastic boxes, foot basins, buckets, glutinous rice bran, preparation bags and other packaging woven fabrics, packing belts, etc.
2. Material selection:
First, separate the different colors, because it will be more convenient to use after separation, and the price can be improved a lot. Therefore, it can be adjusted according to the depth of different colors, so the color separation benefits are many. If the color is not separated, it can only be produced in black, and its use range is small and the economic benefits are poor.
Second, breaking, washing, drying
The classified PP raw materials are first placed in a crusher for the pulverization process. Then, the pulverized pieces are sent to the washing tank through the conveyor belt, washed by the high-pressure water stream and several rollers in the washing tank, and repeatedly washed, washed, conveyed to the next process through the conveyor belt, and then smashed with a water purifier. Dry the remaining water, then dry it and set aside.
Third, color mixing
It is usually stirred by a mixer or manually and added with color and adjuvant. However, if the additive is added with a new material or with a toughening agent, etc., it must be done according to what products are produced.
Fourth, granulation process
Put the cleaned raw materials into the tank and pass through the heating box. (The temperature during heating should not be too high, it is easy to be brittle, and must pay attention to the temperature control) to burn into a black solution. Then, calcium carbonate is added, stirred, and the mixture is uniformly mixed. Then, the wire is drawn, and the drawn wire passes through the cold water tank and proceeds to the next process.
Five, cutting
The standard of cutting is generally 3mm*4mm, otherwise the appearance of the best material is not good or standard. However, the cutting speed of the pellets should be standard, and the pelletizing blades should be installed. Otherwise, the pellets should not be cut.

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