How to make biodiesel go further?

Biodiesel Network September 16th: How to make biodiesel go further? The key is that the government will implement more supportive policies for the biodiesel industry and will be able to achieve strong implementation. The "Biodiesel Industry Development Policy" clarifies that the state should formulate long-term support policies such as clear and clear prices, taxation, finance, and investment. In principle, relevant regions should provide relevant supporting policies for local governments. According to the principle of homogeneous price, the retail price of biodiesel blended fuels is subject to the same price as the diesel price policy for vehicles.

At the same time, biodiesel is given tax policy support in accordance with national regulations. Biodiesel, which accounts for the proportion of waste oil and fat in production raw materials, meets the specified requirements, and enjoys comprehensive utilization of resources and other relevant VAT and consumption tax preferential policies. Study and introduce tax incentives or other incentives for blending diesel vehicles. Actively use central infrastructure investment to provide investment subsidies for eligible biodiesel projects. The annual production of more than 100,000 tons of diesel fuel will be subsidized according to the high limit.

At present, more than 10 bus lines in Shanghai have been used for biodiesel. After testing, the power of these buses is basically not reduced, and particulate emissions are greatly reduced. In the United States, there are several states that use biodiesel, with an annual output of more than 3 million tons; France, Brazil and other countries require diesel to be mixed with 5% biodiesel.

Many people in the industry have called for the inclusion of subsidies for biodiesel and petrochemical diesel in the production, sale and use of diesel oil; timely adjustment of the biodiesel tax policy, implementation of 100% on-demand return; timely adjustment of existing oil price management policies, Defining the basis for pricing biodiesel. For the biodiesel industry, the government needs to speed up the elimination of biodiesel companies without legal procedures and safeguard the legitimate business rights of formal enterprises. In addition, strengthen the supervision of the flow of raw materials for the waste oil to ensure the reasonable recycling of the waste oil. Furthermore, it is hoped that the government will actively strengthen cooperation with local private refining companies to ensure the normal sales of biodiesel-compliant enterprises. Effectively deploy biodiesel to stimulate the market demand for biodiesel and realize the rapid development of China's biodiesel industry. ( Reprinted please indicate the source of information biodiesel network )


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