Best technology to grow winter celery

   1 . Cold-resistant, solid-resistant storage, dark green varieties should be used. Seeding with new high-fat membrane before planting (can be mixed with seed coating agent) can avoid underground pests and diseases, isolate virus infection, not affect germination and swelling function, strengthen breathing intensity and increase seed germination rate. Choose loose-grained, fertile, deep-rooted plots to raise seedlings, strengthen fertilizer and water management during seedling stage, water and water, and use thin fertilizers to cultivate robust seedlings.


   2 . Before the planting, use 80-100 of the fully decomposed farmyard manure per acre and spread it evenly. At the same time, quick lime is applied per acre, shallow tillage is carried out, fertilizer, soil and lime are evenly mixed, and then the soil is prepared.


   3 . Spraying vegetables with strong stems at the right time can make the stems of the plants strong, the leaves are thick, the leaves are fresh, the plants are flourishing, and the natural taste is strong. At the same time, it can improve the ability to resist disasters, reduce the amount of pesticides and fertilizers, and reduce residual poisons.


   4 . In case of low temperature, double or multi-layer film is used to prevent freezing damage. At noon on a sunny day, uncover the film, ventilate and reduce humidity. Before planting the ridge, pour the water and dung for 2-3 times. After sealing the ridge, pour the urea solution once.



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