Is there a crystal lamp in the living room? Do you have a crystal lamp in the living room to make your home magnificent?

It is reported that with the pursuit of gorgeous and elegant art, most of the crystal lamps have begun to get involved in the competition of the living room crystal chandelier. For people's home life is to add an elegant and beautiful. Is it OK to have a crystal lamp in the living room ? Why are crystal lamps now so popular with so many people? Now, let's take a look at the crystal lamps in the living room.

Is it possible to have a crystal lamp in the living room?

1 , the crystal itself is of good material, also beneficial to the human body

The crystal lamp, as its name implies, is made of crystal material, while the crystal is Feng Shui stone, because the natural crystal not only embodies the aura between millions of years, but also combines the crystals of many natural elements (such as minerals). Each kind of crystal represents the energy of different yin and yang and five elements, and with the light of our fever, the energy held by the crystal is constantly making a positive impact on our external magnetic field. In metaphysics, according to the principle of the crystal five elements, we can respond to different effects of crystal lamps. Can play a different role.

From the optical point of view, the light emitted by the crystal lighting is relatively soft and beautiful, and will not have any impact on the eyesight of minors.

2 , Crystal lights are complex and will not be out of date

An industry professional who sells crystal lighting said that crystal lamps are diversified in style. Crystal lighting style is more classic and more attractive, very full of charm and beauty. Crystal lighting will always maintain its unique fashion sense and will not be out of date. In addition to these appearances, the service life of the crystal lamp pendant is also very long. Generally, it can reach more than ten years. The surface of the crystal lamp pendant is treated with the high-temperature treatment of classical paint. The quality can be guaranteed and the service life can be extended.

3 , high quality crystal lamp accessories

It is wrong to decide the quality of the crystal lamp charm if it is only considered the quality of the crystal. In fact, in addition to the crystal lamp itself, there are high quality requirements for its accessories. For example: the quality of the lamp, wire, tube, and nut. In other words, the main body of the crystal lamp needs to keep pace with the quality of its own accessories.

4 , the disadvantages of crystal lamps

The crystal lamp is beautiful, but it's bulky and it has more lighting, so it's easier to get hot than an ordinary lamp. And because it has so many lights, cleaning it up is a project.

If you clean the crystal lamp now, there will be a crystal lamp cleaning outsourcing company. If we need to clean it ourselves, we can spray some professional cleaning agents on the crystal lighting. When the cleaning agent evaporates, it will take away the crystal ball or the dust on the crystal wafer.

Tips: It is best not to use water to clean the lamps. Just use a dry rag to wipe with water. If you want crystal balls or crystals to shine for a long time, you must avoid damage to crystal lighting caused by fumes.

Although it has disadvantages, the crystal lamp is still popular with everyone for its beauty and atmosphere.

The light emitted by the crystal lamp is very elegant, and the light effect reflected is classical color. After the design of a professional designer, its lighting effect is better. This kind of fashionable and diversified things has entered our daily life and has become a symbol of modern life.

The above is related to the introduction of the crystal light in the living room. I hope to help you. For more information on Crystal Lights, please continue to pay attention to this site information.

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