Integrated ceiling Yuba installation method steps explain

Speaking of integrated ceiling Yuba everyone is not unfamiliar, especially after the fall, a cold day, this time even the bath is a troublesome thing, therefore, it is necessary to install a bathroom heater in the bathroom, Yuba is very convenient to use No matter how cold the day will make your bathing process warm and comfortable, if you also have the need to buy integrated ceiling Yuba, you may wish to learn more about some of the relevant knowledge. Today, Xiao Bian taught us how to integrate the installation method of Yuba ceiling , hoping to help everyone!

Integrated ceiling Yuba installation method First, the corner line installation

The installation of the collection bar should be smooth and firm, determine the installation height, and draw a horizontal line. In the case of horizontal tiles, the matching corner lines of the ceiling will be tightly fixed on the tiles, so that there is no obvious gap.

Integrated ceiling Yuba second installation method, the installation of the keel

The distance between the suspender and the light steel keel, the suspender and the keel, and the size of the panel must be the same. At the top, inflate the eye and fix all the suspenders. The lower end of the suspender is connected with the hook, and then the main dragon skeleton is fixed in the middle of the hook. Adjust the height of the nut so that the main keel bottom plane is 3cm away from the upper plane of the edge trim. And tighten it.

Yuba integrated ceiling installation method of the third, to pay keel installation

According to the actual installation length minus 5mm required to take off the keel, put on the triangle hanging pieces, according to the drawings required to pay all the keel with a triangular hanging temporarily hung on the main keel.

Yuba integrated ceiling installation method of the fourth, the installation of daughter board

Wear clean gloves and install the gussets to consider the overall aesthetics and symmetry between the two sides.

Cutting method: The template is fixed, with a Utility Knife and ruler portrayed more than three times, folding edge cut with a scissors into a 90-degree angle, folding by hand 2-3 times. Corresponding surface of the template cutting hole is stuck in the keel, the cutting surface is put on the edge strip, and the edge strip clamping position is pulled out to clamp the template. At this moment, the triangle hanging piece can be clamped with the steel pliers and the main keel. .

When the middle part of the template is installed, the two corresponding surfaces of the template are respectively stuck in the keel to control the gap between the templates and maintain the straight line of the seams. Note: After completing the installation of each row of templates, the triangular hanger shall be clamped with the steel pliers and the main keel.

Yuba integrated ceiling installation method of the fifth, the host installation

According to the design of the drawings, when the installation location of the heating type host is met, the host panel is used instead of the template to confirm the accurate host installation position; then the main cabinet is placed on top of the pay keel and fixed. Install (embed) electrical appliances, to make the panel and electrical interface smooth, seamless.

Yuba integrated ceiling installation method of the sixth, and the top trace port panel

The top of the line, to determine where the need to install lamps, which places need to install kitchen and toilet appliances, in advance the line layout. Button panel, this link is directly related to the overall effect of the ceiling. Not only do you have to be flat, but you have to do it straight.

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