Thickness specification of parquet

Solid wood composite flooring is a common type of flooring in the home improvement building materials market in recent years. It is slightly different from traditional solid wood flooring. In general, the quality is not inferior to solid wood flooring, and the price is slightly lower than that of solid wood flooring. The price/performance ratio is still high, so it is loved by many consumers. In the more and more renovation projects, the use of such flooring can be seen. When consumers choose, it will inevitably encounter problems with specifications and prices. I will introduce it to you next.

Parquet is a kind of wood flooring derived from the solid wood flooring family, so it is actually a new solid wood flooring. With its natural woody feel, easy installation and maintenance, anti-corrosion and anti-moisture, antibacterial and suitable for electric heating, it has become the main popular floor type in Europe and the United States and is gradually accepted by the Chinese people. The surface of the board is high-quality precious wood, which not only retains the beautiful and natural characteristics of the solid wood floor, but also greatly saves the resources of high-quality precious wood. Most of the core layer is made of fast-growing materials that can be cut down in turn, or inexpensive small-diameter materials, various materials such as hard and soft materials, and various materials such as hard and soft materials are avoided, and the defects of wood are high, and the cost is high. To reduce. Its elasticity, heat preservation and so on are also no less than solid wood flooring.

In the current building materials market, the thickness of solid wood composite flooring is generally three, namely: 12 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, of course, according to the different requirements of consumers, it can also be customized with the merchants, the three main thicknesses The difference is the price. Generally speaking, in the design process, 15 mm thick will be used. This is because it is too thin to be easily deformed, and if it is too thick, the price is too expensive, so many consumers will choose a compromise. In addition, as mentioned earlier, the thickness of solid wood composite flooring can be customized, the thickest can be 25 mm thick, if more specific, the specifications of solid wood composite flooring are generally: 1802 mm × 303 mm × 15 mm (12 mm) 1,802 mm × 150 mm × 15 mm, 1200 mm × 150 mm × 15 mm, and 800 mm × 20 mm × 15 mm.

When consumers buy flooring, they must pay attention to the specifications of solid wood composite flooring (solid wood multilayer flooring specifications), which is also an important channel for judging the quality of solid wood composite flooring. Generally, the floor brand of regular manufacturers will not cut corners on the specifications of solid wood composite flooring (solid wood multilayer floor specifications). The price of solid wood composite flooring is affordable, the decorative effect is good, the environment is healthy and so on, and it is a kind of floor with very high cost performance. Many consumers choose to pay attention to the price and style of the floor when they choose the parquet, and ignore the specifications of the parquet. When consumers choose solid wood composite flooring, they should pay attention to the thickness of the wooden floor. The wooden floor is not thinner and lighter. The suitable thickness of the wooden floor is 40mm~65mm. Such a door is not easy to be deformed. Of course, we can also Customize the right thickness of parquet to the dealer.

With the increasing popularity of parquet in the Chinese market, consumers are also skeptical about how to choose the right thickness of the parquet. After the above brief introduction, I hope that you can choose the wood laminate flooring suitable for your home based on the actual situation.

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