How Mage Wardrobe's Wardrobe

Margo Wardrobe is a limited brand of Guangdong Marg Custom Furniture and a registered wardrobe brand of Chongqing Marg Decorative Building Materials Co., Ltd. Guangdong Mage Furniture Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and the factory is located in Sanshui District, Foshan, Guangdong, China. Marg Custom Wardrobe is a professional furniture company specializing in design, manufacture, sales and service. Let's look at the Marguet wardrobe with Xiaobian, for your reference.

How Mage Wardrobe

Marg's custom furniture is the most traditional and most competitive core product of Marg. After almost 7 years of research and development and sales, Margaux Custom Furniture has abundant experience in product design. The demand lies at the same time, the channel construction is also very perfect, and has mastered a large number of old customer resources. These high-end consumer groups are the core competitive advantages of custom furniture from Marg.

The whole wardrobe of Marg is the latest profit growth point and the latest development direction of Marger. The whole wardrobe of Margo includes wardrobes, cloakrooms, sliding doors and other products. All of them are customized according to the actual situation and needs of customers, Marg. The wood used for the whole wardrobe is imported from foreign countries with very low moisture content and can guarantee long-term use without deformation. Marg's overall wardrobe positioning is also the main force for future market development.

Margo Wardrobe - Brand Information

Marg Wardrobe "MACIO" Guangdong Marg Custom Furniture Limited's brand is a registered wardrobe brand of Chongqing Marg Decorative Building Materials Co., Ltd. Marg Custom Wardrobe is a professional furniture company specializing in design, manufacture, sales and service. Margo's wardrobe relies on a unique new concept of “National Space System Solution” and “Service Full Service System” to beautify home life for consumers nationwide, allowing home to store more warm love and become a communicator of modern home culture. The advocate of home concept.

Margo Wardrobe - Brand Development

In 2010, Mage Wardrobe became the Guangdong Investment Promotion Center and successfully registered Guangdong Magog Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. and established a new Foshan production base. Marg's wardrobe introduced advanced machinery, technical processes and management systems, and it officially began operations in 2011. The company has set the Marguet wardrobe as the mid-end wardrobe brand, and mainly produces the modern family's mainstream style wardrobe products, including the four major mainstream product lines of elegant leather, plate, wave board and European style.

Marg wardrobe - brand style

The Marguet wardrobe places great emphasis on its details in the manufacture of its products, designing a good wardrobe for both practicality and beauty. Margo's wardrobe contains classical and rustic designs, creating fascinating furniture. The Mage Wardrobe also combines the modern pop elements with some European traditional cultures to present the unique charm of the Marguet wardrobe, giving more personalized, practical and qualitative elements to the modern furniture design, leading the trend of the home.

Margo Wardrobe - Brand Interpretation

Marg's wardrobe has a clear goal, adheres to its own unique brand style, and strives to advance toward its goals. The combination of Marg's wardrobe and many people's design ideas combined with the reality of life shows the wardrobe in the form of art and creates the charm of the exclusive Marguet wardrobe. Marg's wardrobe is dotted with our living space with its unique style, creating a fresh and beautiful life for us.

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