Smart door lock common problems and solutions

The security of intelligent door locks is obvious to all. A variety of unlocking methods make the security of smart door locks more secure. There are some minor problems in the use of smart door locks. Once these problems are not effectively solved, the security will be greatly reduced. So, how to solve these problems? Today, Xiaobian collects and summarizes the common problems of smart door locks and tells everyone how to solve them.

Smart door lock

1, the smart door lock has no electricity

Smart door locks are now basically powered by lithium batteries. Generally, the home can be used continuously for 8~12 months under normal use. When the battery is low, the door lock will automatically prompt, replace the battery or charge. Even in the event of a power outage, you can use the mobile power emergency charging to open the door.

2, the fingerprint can not open the smart door lock

To unlock the fingerprint, you must ensure that the fingerprint used to unlock is the fingerprint. If there is no way to unlock the fingerprint, check for fingerprint damage, wet or dry fingers or too much finger position error. To put it simply, using a smart door lock must ensure that the finger surface is free of foreign matter and intact, and the finger is accurately placed on the reading window, and the position should not be too different from the position at the time of initial entry.

3, the mechanical key can not open the smart door lock

The chances of using a mechanical key to open a smart door lock are relatively small. Open smart door locks usually use fingerprints, passwords, etc. If there is no way to unlock the lock using the matching mechanical key, there may be a problem with the lock cylinder. It is recommended to look for a professional.

It is worth noting that when purchasing, it is recommended that you purchase the products of the smart door lock brand of the formal channel. Only under the premise of ensuring the quality of the product and the correct installation, can the real function of the smart door lock be realized.

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