Research progress on masterbatch technology of odor-absorbing fiber

Activated carbon is well known for its adsorption and absorption properties. It is widely used because of its properties, such as purification of water, removal of organic impurities, and as a catalyst.

Americhem has partnered with TrapTek to provide an activated carbon masterbatch for melt-spun synthetic fibers. Articles made from fibers containing activated carbon have the property of absorbing odor and controlling humidity.

The key to this technology is that the activated carbon is almost completely effective in the masterbatch and fibers - although it is sealed in a thermoplastic matrix. Therefore, the odor generated by the wearer and the surrounding environment is absorbed and collected in the pores of the activated carbon. Activated carbon fibers and garments During the washing and drying process, odor molecules are released to restore the activated carbon.

In the field of wear resistance, we have a professional team to provide customers with wear solutions for many applications, focusing on steel, mining, electric power, petrochemical, cement, dredging and other industries.

The self-developed and designed hard surfacing flux cored wire and bimetal wear-resistant composite material can greatly improve the wear resistance on the basis of the original materials, greatly reduce the replacement rate of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment, and reduce the production cost; With the favor of our customers worldwide, Qingdao HART has exported to many countries of the world.

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