"Illegality, mistakes, and aging" Three dangerous killers of dangerous chemicals in summer!

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Summer is the most frequent season for hazardous chemicals. Looking at the safety accidents of hazardous chemicals during the summer of the past 10 years, the number of dangerous chemical product explosions and poisoning accidents is the highest, which is mainly due to improper personnel operations or illegal operations.

In summer, this July , we must strengthen the professional quality of hazardous chemical workers, increase equipment and operational safety inspections, and minimize the occurrence of dangerous chemical accidents.

2016.7 Shandong Yucheng

Illegal chemical plant suffocation accident

3 deaths   Direct economic loss of 2.79 million yuan

Direct reason: illegal operation

In the cleaning rubber accelerator (TETD, tetraethyl thio peroxydicarbonate diamide) remains wet material during a displacement ventilation without operators, is not detected, without the approval of the case, into the reactor without Illegal operations; other people in the scene, without taking protective measures, ventured into the reaction vessel to rescue them, causing three people to die due to carbon disulfide poisoning.

2015.7 Gansu Qingyang

Atmospheric pressure leakage accident

3 dead and 4 injured

Direct reason: assembly error

The assembly of the pipe plug at the outlet of the head cover of the residual oil / oil heat exchanger of the atmospheric pressure unit is incorrect during the inspection process, resulting in the plugging off of the plug under high temperature and high pressure. The high-temperature residue ( about 342 °C to 346 °C) has a spontaneous ignition point of 240 °C. ) Erupted instantly, spontaneous combustion in case of fire causes fire.

2015.7 Shandong Rizhao

Liquefied hydrocarbon balloon explosion accident

2 injured   Direct economic loss of 28.12 million yuan

Direct reason: illegal operation

During the process of pouring tanks, the method of replacing the water by pouring the water into the tank was violated, and the site was unattended in the process of cutting water, so that the liquefied petroleum gas leaked from the water outlet after the water was drained, and the static electricity generated during the leakage process was Due to the fierce dancing of the fire hose, the metal interface and the bundled iron wire collided with the equipment or pipeline to cause sparks due to sparks.

2014.7 Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Pipeline leak explosion accident

30 dead, 302 injured

Direct cause: pipeline aging

The pipeline is corroded and thinned for a long period of time. Under pressure, the pipeline ruptures, causing propylene to leak and explode in the event of a fire.

2014.7 Yunnan Qujing

Chlorobenzene recovery tower detonation accident

3 deaths and 4 injured direct economic losses of 5.6 million yuan

Direct reason: illegal operation

The first is the leakage of the AO- HTF heat exchanger inside the chlorobenzene recovery tower . The high-temperature heat-conductive oil in the pipe process leaks into the shell process and mixes with the chlorobenzene raffinate. The chlorobenzene recovery tower causes the temperature in the tower to rise. The sharp increase in pressure caused the chlorobenzene recovery tower to explode and burn;

Second, the temperature control valve was not installed according to design requirements. Only the “stop valve” was installed on site. When the temperature and pressure of the recovery tower were abnormal and exceeded the normal range of process parameters, the “stop valve” could not be automatically adjusted. And timely regulation.

2014.7 Ningxia Zhongwei

Methylamine tank explosion accident

4 dead, 1 injured, direct economic loss, 5 million yuan

Direct reason: improper operation

The N- ( 6- chloro- 3- pyridylmethyl)methanamine in the storage tank is in a state of heat preservation for a long time, and a polycondensation reaction occurs, and a large amount of heat and gas generated cannot be discharged in time, resulting in explosion of the container overpressure.

2013.7 Gansu Zhangye

Carbon monoxide poisoning accident

4 deaths and 4 injured direct economic losses of 3.67 million yuan

Direct reason: improper operation

During the operation of the dryer, the fan of the induced draft fan trips, the amount of induced draft is insufficient, and the pulverized coal in the dryer is not fully burned, resulting in poisonous and harmful gases such as carbon monoxide in the furnace, and passing through the hoisting machine casing and flowing into the negative-story maintenance pit. As a result, the concentration of toxic and harmful gases such as carbon monoxide in the pit is too high, and the operator enters the pit to clean up the ash and cause poisoning without any protective measures.

2010.7 Nanjing, Jiangsu

Propylene Pipe Leakage Deflagration

22 dead and 120 injured

Direct cause: improper construction operations

During the process of leveling and demolition of the original site of the original plastic factory, the excavator dug through the underground propylene pipeline, causing the liquid propylene in the pipeline to leak. After the leaked propylene vaporized and diffused, it encountered a detonation of the open flame.

2010.7 Guizhou Xingyi

Pipeline leak explosion accident

8 dead and 3 injured

Direct cause: Pipe leak

Leakage occurred in the secondary pipeline of the conversion system. Static electricity was generated by gas flushing. The in-situ combustible gas (mainly carbon monoxide, hydrogen, etc.) was detonated, resulting in space explosion.

2010.7 Dalian, Liaoning

Oil pipeline explosion fire accident

1 death and 1 missing

Direct reason: improper operation

After the oil unloading operation of the tanker is stopped, the service provider continues to add a large amount of desulfurizer (mainly hydrogen peroxide) to the unloading pipeline, resulting in local enrichment of the desulfurization hydrogen agent in the pipeline section near the fuel injection port. An exothermic reaction took place, causing an explosion in the oil pipeline, the leakage of crude oil, and a fire.

2010.7 Gansu silver

Poisoning accident

3 dead and 3 injured

Direct reason: illegal operation

Due to the reaction of ammonium bicarbonate and zinc oxide in the reaction tank to produce ammonia gas, operators illegally entered the reaction tank operation, resulting in poisoning and coma. The emergency knowledge of rescue workers was insufficient, resulting in an increase in accidents.

2009.7 Luoyang, Henan

Explosion accident

8 dead and 8 injured

Direct reason: illegal operation

The chlorobenzene vapors evaporating from the chlorobenzene metering tank in the neutralization extraction operation site will be detonated when the chlorobenzene vapor is detonated due to the short-circuiting of the power line at the power line. The chlorobenzene metering tank is ignited, and the explosion then occurs, resulting in the washing tank. The first explosion of 2,4 -dinitrochlorobenzene occurred in the finished product , which in turn triggered a second explosion of 2,4 -dinitrochlorobenzene in the nitrification reactor .

2007.7 Chongqing

Poisoning accident

5 deaths

Direct reason: improper operation

Five workers performed antiseptic treatment on an unused tank that had stored sodium perchlorate electrolyte. The sodium chlorate burned to produce toxic gas, causing five people to burn and suffocate.

2007.7 Luoyang, Henan

Poisoning accident

3 dead and 1 serious

Direct reason: improper operation

Five workers performed antiseptic treatment on an unused tank that had stored sodium perchlorate electrolyte. The sodium chlorate burned to produce toxic gas, causing five people to burn and suffocate.

2007.7 Luoyang, Henan

Poisoning accident

3 dead and 1 serious

Direct reason: illegal operation

The operators violated the operating procedures and did not analyze and test the gas in the tank. They did not take safety precautions and directly entered the tank operation. Rescue workers did not take any safety precautions and blindly rescued them, leading to an increase in accidents.

2007.7 Dezhou, Shandong

Explosion accident

9 dead and 1 injured

Direct cause: quality issues

The explosion was a physical explosion. Compressor outlet lines had insufficient strength, poor welding quality, and no pressure test before the pipeline was used.

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