Fire safety test 17 questions, you know are correct?

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A test of the results of testing and analysis was made by a 127,443- person fire safety knowledge test. There are actually tens of thousands of people making mistakes in the common sense of fire safety.

Fire safety, where are we all wrong?

Error 1

There are 273 people (0.21%) answered the fire alarm call is "122" or "911."

Error correction: China's fire alarm is 119 . Unexplained, many people have answered 911 . 911 is an American alarm service call. You are in danger in China. The United States is not saving. Another thing to tell is that 122 is an emergency traffic phone.

Error 2

There are 6,023 people ( 4.7% ) who do not understand the basic elements of fire alarm

Error Correction: If you can't explain the location of a fire, details of the location of a fire, the size of a fire, and whether someone is trapped, it will affect the timing and effect of the fire. For example, you describe the Xi Fu as the West Lake. . . .

Error 3

A total of 3517 people ( 2.7% ) believed that the fire should be self-suppressed after the unit caught fire. If not, they should report the fire again or call the unit's internal alarm phone instead of calling 119 .

Error Correction: If you get angry, you should call 119 first. You should n't hurry up. You can destroy it and you can't kill it. Also don't just report the unit leader's business. When the fire broke out, the leadership could not be destroyed.

Error 4

There are 3,597 people ( 2.8% ) who do not know that after reporting the fire, they need to wait at the entrance of the unit and at the street intersection to wait for a fire engine and lead the fire engine to the fire quickly.

Error Correction: Please believe that firefighters are also people, and 99% are foreigners. Although familiar with the jurisdiction is required, road traffic and regional environment are complex and changeable. Your guidance can be of great help. Therefore, after reporting the fire, please try to welcome the fire engines. Do not let them "misguided" and delay the timing of the fire.

Error 5

A total of 8844 ( 6.9% ) believed that firefighters had to pay a fee or charge by the number of fire engines dispatched and the duration.

Error correction: Three important things are said : China's fire protection, police rescue does not charge, no charge, no charge. Whether it is fire fighting, saving people, saving cats, saving dogs, picking up a honeycomb, or taking a key... All the police do not receive a penny. In case of danger, please dial " 119 " phone boldly !

Error 6

There are 10,242 people ( 8% ) think that when the fire extinguisher extinguishes, the jet should aim at the upper or middle part of the flame.

Correction: When extinguishing with a fire extinguisher, the fire extinguishing nozzle should be aimed at the root of the flame. Remember, it is the root. Only aiming at the root can effectively destroy it. Aligning the middle and upper parts of the fire is only a waste of extinguishing agent.

Error 7

A total of 13,154 people ( 10.3% ) believe that the best place to use a fire extinguisher is in a downwind position or a position 10 meters above the point of ignition .

Error correction: The best place to extinguish fire with a fire extinguisher is an upwind or crosswind position that is 3-5 meters from the fire point . If you want to disfigured your mother and your mother, you can stand and try. As for the distance of 10 meters , the fire extinguishing agent emitted could not reach the fire source.

Error 8

A total of 2,558 people ( 2% ) believe that the most favorable stage for fighting fires is the development or fierce combustion stage.

Error correction: The most favorable stage for fighting a fire is the initial stage. This principle should be very simple, of course, the sooner the fire is, the better it will be. I don't know that answering "development or violent burning stage" is the best opportunity to extinguish children's shoes .

Error 9

There are 21,361 people ( 16.7% ) think that the pan can be used to fight off the fire.

Error Correction: The correct way to handle the fire is to immediately shut off the air supply and use the lid to muffle. Those who think that they can be consumed by water, please remember that this is a dangerous thing that can no longer be dangerous. If you plan to do this, wait for your home to raise the mushroom cloud.

Error 10

There are 8189 people (6.4%) think to check for leaks gas and other gas stove or fire assay can be used with the smell.

Error Correction: Checking whether the gas stove or other gas cooker leaks correctly is done by using soapy water to brush the hose and the interface. As for the use of fire test, plainly speaking, you are to set fire to the home, do you have enmities with your family? Sniff with your nose as if you weren't so sensitive.

Error 11

A total of 5,992 people ( 4.7% ) believed that when the door opened and they smelled of gas smell, they should turn on the lights to find leaks or ignite.

Error correction: When opening the door and smelling a strong gas smell, quickly open the doors and windows for ventilation to prevent a deflagration accident. Why can't I turn on the light, because the switch contacts will cause a spark to cause a deflagration. Why can't I light up to view, do you want to blow yourself up and experience the kite's "foot-break"?

Error 12

There are 8894 people ( 7% ) think that electric vehicles are not charged at the entrance of the building.

Error correction: Electric vehicles are charged at the entrance of a building and are most likely to cause fire and casualties. Why, when the electric vehicle you charge at the entrance of the building is overcharged or the power cord is faulty, it will cause a fire. The fire burns the high temperature and toxic fumes released by the electric vehicle and goes downstairs. Unknown people escape from the corridor. One out will come down one. This tragedy has occurred a lot.

Error 13

A total of 2615 people ( 2% ) believe that the main cause of death from fire is jumping, scaring or crowding.

Error Correction: The most important cause of death from fire is inhalation of toxic fumes and suffocation. Of course, there are also jumps and congested deaths, but few. The biggest killer is inhaling toxic smoke and suffocating. When the amount of carbon monoxide in the air reaches 0.1% , 50% of carboxyhemoglobin and 50% of oxyhemoglobin will form in the blood, which will stop breathing.

Error 14

When 4,520 people ( 3.5% ) believed that a fire escape was taking place, the evacuation close to the ground was to see that there were no obstacles on the ground.

Error correction: When a fire escapes, it should be evacuated as close to the ground as possible, because the concentration of toxic hot smoke close to the ground is low, and the probability of poisoning is low. Some people answered to see that there is no obstacle on the ground. This. . . Xiao Bian tells you that many times after a fire comes, it will be in a dark environment. Even the owls can't see what's on the ground. Not to mention you.

Error 15

When 16,465 people ( 12.9% ) believed that the fire was outside and the fire was high. When the trapped room could not escape, it was time to rush out of the house.

Error correction: The fire outside is huge, don't rush out. At this time, the right thing to do is to return home and use your home door as the first line of defense. Wet sheets and towels and continue to cool the door. . . . Wait for firefighters to rescue. Do not rush out, rush out is equivalent to self-death, know not?

Error 16

A total of 2,952 people ( 2.3% ) thought that they were caught in a fire and that they should run in the wind or allow them to burn.

Error Correction: After the body is on fire, it should be rolled on the spot and covered with heavy clothing to extinguish the fire. Some people say that the wind is running fast. Do you think this is blowing candles with your mouth? If you run twice faster than World Sprint champion Bolt, consider it. As for the fire, it was the work of the scarecrow.

Error 17

When 4392 people ( 3.4% ) believed that the electrical circuit was on fire, they could use the method of splashing water to extinguish the fire.

Error correction: When the electrical circuit catches fire, it should be powered off first, and then use a suitable fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. In the state of uninterrupted power, water is used to extinguish the fire, and whoever splashes water, it will fall on electricity. The electricity falls on the fire and waits for the body to become a carbon bar.

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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