Kang Jian brake valve new anti-fighting products

Kang Jian brake manufacturers wholesale stepless transformer anti-lock brake valve. Soft brake three-bridge synchronous valve with Shandong Kangjian stepless variable pressure valve which brake valve is the first choice Shandong Liangshan Kangjian brake valve Kangjian anti-lock brake trailer king (automatic stepless variable pressure emergency relay valve) detailed consultation at present, The common problem of the semi-trailer brake system is that the trailer is light in weight, easy to tow, unreasonable in deceleration, and the tire wear is serious, resulting in prolonged braking distance. The trailer is heavy in heavy load and the deceleration is not ideal. Increase so that security cannot be effectively guaranteed.

China Hardware Business NetworkChina Hardware Business Network Kangjian brake valve stepless variable pressure emergency relay valve
In order to improve the above situation and ensure safe driving, our company develops and designs.

Manufacture of automatic automatic stepless variable pressure emergency relay valve for semi-trailer (anti-locking trailer king).

The product meets the requirements of international standards. The multi-bridge braking sequence starts from the last bridge, and each bridge is delayed by 0.04 seconds to realize reasonable synchronous braking of multiple bridges, so that the braking deceleration is greatly improved and the service life of the tire is increased.

The product meets international standards in terms of appearance, structure and theoretical data.

Proof of customer feedback over the years (anti-lock trailer king).

The no-load, standard load and heavy load have achieved the effect of synchronous emergency braking, which makes up for the traditional ordinary relay valve, which is easy to drag due to no load, and the ABS heavy-duty braking force is insufficient and the service life is short.

Effectively solve the phenomenon of serious tire wear and solve the problem that the trailer must be switched and regulated. This product is frost-resistant in the cold winter in the north.

The anti-locking trailer king can increase the mileage of tires by more than 45%, and the mileage of special vehicles and tank trucks can reach more than 100%. This valve can save RMB 10,000-20,000 yuan compared with other products to improve the owner's operating interests. .

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