Seven aspects tell you the function of MiLi smart lock!!

With the transition of the era, our lives have also undergone great changes. More and more intelligent products have entered our homes, bringing great convenience and safety to our lives. Traditional locks like those we used before are not only inconvenient and have a low safety factor. We don't feel relieved when we go out. We are always worried that there are thief locks, but now it's not the same. The emergence of smart locks guarantees no problem. Now, it is a thieves killer, so that thieves do nothing, let us travel more secure. Today Xiao Bian gave you a brief introduction of Milli Smart Lock's product features to make it more effective in protecting our family.


Milli smart lock features

1. Fingerprint unlock

Use optical fingerprints to eliminate all fake fingerprints. Compared to semiconductor fingerprint heads, the service life is longer.

≤0.5 seconds: The fingerprint recognition rate is extremely high, and the human dermis layer is sensed and scanned within 0.5 seconds, which is convenient and quick.

≤0.01 seconds: The reaction speed is less than 0.01 second, and the quickness of pointing is achieved.

≤ 0.001%: Using biometric fingerprint recognition technology, the false-positive rate is less than 0.001%, and the use is safer.

2. Password unlocking

Hypocritical password function: random garbled before and after the real password (support 20), as long as there is a continuous and correct password, you can unlock, effectively prevent others from peeping.

Invalid password lock: enter the wrong password 3 times continuously, the system will automatically alarm and automatically lock the keyboard to prevent others from trying to guess the password.

3. Smart wake up

Pull up and open the slide to wake up the combination lock.

4. Autonomous sleep

No action automatically enters sleep mode within 7 seconds.

5. Intelligent voice

Built-in voice operation prompt function, male and female voices and silent switching freely, the operation is more simple and easy to understand.

6. Low pressure alarm

Humanized low-voltage alarm indicates that when the battery is low, each time the lock is awakened, the interface and voice will remind “the voltage is insufficient, please replace”.

7. Mass storage

It can store 50 opening cards, 101 group passwords (100 users + 1 administrator group), 102 fingerprints (100 users + 2 administrators) and 750 various unlock records, intelligent management, convenience and comfort.

The above is the introduction of the function of the MiLi smart lock. Is it something that you did not understand? After reading it, is it even more sensible that the MiLi smart lock is safe and easy to use? This is really a great convenience for our lives! Regardless of which aspects of this smart lock are taken into account, it deserves to be a small family protection expert and escort our family package. Bring more joy to the family and make the trip worry-free.

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