Brief Analysis of the Application and Characteristics of Frequency Conversion Energy Saving of Plastic Injection Molding Machine

1. Strong overload capability. The overload capacity is 180% / 1 minute, 200% / 30 seconds. The high overload capability ensures that during the injection molding process, under the heavy load impact of high-pressure injection rubber, it does not jump off, does not affect the production process, and guarantees product quality.

2, protection grade IP54, independent air duct fully enclosed design, dustproof, gas-proof, anti-corrosion, strong environmental adaptability, longer service life.

3, using flow and pressure dual signal control, suitable for the production of various complex modules.

4, small size, easy to install, user-friendly structure design. Compact structure, cabinet and wall mount.

5. The dual circuit design of mains/saving operation ensures that the system has no faults and does not affect production.

6, with automatic reset, power-down reset function to ensure continuous production and production efficiency.

7, good quality and high stability.

Polycarboante Anti-scratch Sheet

Anti-scratch coating

High transparency and UV-Protection
Light Weight and Impact Strength
Inhibiting Condensation and Thermal Insulation
Sound Insulation and Flame Resistance
Easy Installation and Environmental Friendly
Roof light for office building, department stores, hotels, villas, stadiums, schools, amusement centers, hospitals etc.
Robbery counters in banks, jewelry counters and police Anti-riot shields, Safety roof light for airports and plants.
Safety roof light for airports and plants.
Sign boards for advertisement, Sky-lighting cover.
Housing glasses, indoor partitions, sidewalk, sight window, sunshade, terraces and shower doors.

Anti-scratch Sheet

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