What kind of materials do home improvement wall surface decoration how to deal with

The home improvement wall is a very important part of home decoration, so every owner will do his best to decorate the wall. Nowadays, there are many kinds of wall materials for home improvement. Then, what materials are used for home improvement and how to deal with wall decoration? The following small series simply for everyone to introduce this content!

What kind of material is good for home wall?

1, wall stickers

Wall stickers made of PVC environmental protection materials made of stickers, waterproof and moisture-proof features, and wall stickers do not need to do your own painting, patterns and diverse, simply hands open the protective film can be directly affixed. There are many styles and sizes of wall stickers, and there are special wall stickers for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, corners, and living rooms, and the service life is relatively long.

2, glazed tiles

The common glazed tiles are white, colored, colored puzzles and colored murals. Glazed tiles have a smooth surface, beautiful colors, and are easy to clean. They can be used as wall tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.

3, diatom mud

Home-made wall materials Many people like to use diatom mud, because diatom mud has the characteristics of environmental protection, humidity conditioning, air purification, sterilization and so on. And the diatom mud texture is very delicate, and it is very good for wall decoration.

How to deal with wall decoration

1, finished product protection

When the wall surface treatment is carried out, it is necessary to scrape the putty, paint the paint, and it will inevitably fall on the surface of the furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of protecting the finished product in advance.

2. Preparation for scraping putty/gypsum

Then put the work to putty, to ensure that the wall is solid, flat, clean the wall with a steel brush or other tools, so that the cement wall as much as possible without floating soil, floating sink. Roll over the concrete interface agent on the wall and brush as evenly as possible. After it is dry, you can scrape the putty/gypsum.

3, putty

Putty need to check the wall before the putty to determine the way to scrape putty, the general wall scraping 2 putty, you can level, but also cover the background. If the flatness is extremely poor or the wall is tilted, consider leveling the gypsum first to level it, and then scrape it.

4, polishing putty

It is recommended that the putty grinding be started 1-2 days after the scraping of the putty. The sanding can be done at night. Use an electric bulb of more than 200 watts to illuminate the wall (even during the day, use a light bulb to level), and check the leveling while polishing.

5, brush primer

After cleaning the floating dust on the surface of the polished putty, you can apply the primer and apply it to the primer. After it has dried (2-4 hours), the next step can be performed.

6, brush finish

Topcoats usually have to be brushed twice, and between each pass should be more than 2-4 hours, until it is basically dry, in order to do the second coat.

Xiao Bian concludes: What are the materials for the home improvement wall and how to deal with the wall decoration are introduced here, and I hope to help everyone! There are many steps in wall decoration and you need to pay attention to many details, so be sure to carefully understand the above content!

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