What is the keel and how to spread the keel in the decoration

Keel used in the decoration is still more, for example, the installation of solid wood flooring and ultimately it, while the ceiling installation will also use the keel, if the keel is not paved, post-installation process will appear a variety of problems. The following Xiao Bian will introduce you to what is the keel and how to spread the keel in the decoration.

What is the keel

What is the keel, we must first know that the keel is used to support the shape, a fixed structure of a material, this material it plays a significant role in the decoration. It can be equivalent to the home decoration skeleton and base material, can be said to be an indispensable part in the decoration of the ceiling. It is also widely used, and it is a commonly used material.

How to spread the keel in the decoration

1. Correct: First use the nails to fix the keel. The best thing is to choose a waterproof and rust-proof stainless steel nail, so that it won't rust for a long time.

Wrong: For example, some irresponsible companies will cut corners, most of them use nails. If you use it for a long time, it will easily rust, and the keel will loosen, that is, it will make a loud noise.

2, correct: We know that the keel is generally buried under the floor is relatively easy to damp, so the keel must choose a little better, hereby suggest that you choose larch timber, this material is also through the drying Dry, degreasing, and also in the anti-corrosion treatment will be better, so as to avoid keel moisture, corrosion, to ensure the quality of the floor.

Wrong: If the decoration is made of wood keel used by the guerrillas, then these woods are generally treated without any moisture. After a long time of use, they are susceptible to moisture fracture. This will directly affect the quality of the floor.

3. Correct: The keel of a room will have some joints at the time of installation. At the joint of wooden keel, it is necessary to know that the keel joint is at an angle of 45 degrees. Such a connection will be relatively stable.

Wrong: But like some installers do not make connections when installing keel in order to save time, it takes a long time to easily loosen.

4, correct: If you want to follow the installation specification, the installation of the keel to use a beautiful nail in each fixed position, so that it will be installed very strong, smooth and no loose.

Wrong: But for some irresponsible companies, they may use two nails when installing keel fixings. Although they are firm, they can easily crack the keel.

5, correct: you can use the impact drill in the keel drilling, remember that the drill must pass through the keel and wood, here to remind the drill should avoid keel and loosening.

Error: The mounting of the keel is not flat, which may cause the floor to rattle.

6, correct: After the workers install the keel, we must remember to clean it quickly, so as to keep the keel clean and dry.

Wrong: This site is not only dirty, but it is also possible that the keel ground will be dirty, and it is very likely that it will provoke ants.

Summary: What is the keel and how to spread the keel in the decoration related content is introduced to this, the keel in the decoration plays a significant role, so be sure to pay special attention in the shop, we must use the correct shop before Row. I hope that the above introduction will help everyone.

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