How long can the second-hand house be renovated after renovation?

People are particularly recognized for the current second-hand housing, because it will save a lot of trouble. The problem of decoration for the second-hand houses that people just bought is also very popular, because if we have a big decoration, it is also very troublesome. So we have a plan in advance. In this way, every step of our construction will have a perfect design. Below the decoration of the home of Xiaobian and everyone talk about how long after our second-hand house renovation can stay ?


First, how long after the second-hand house renovation can stay

1. The later the better, the better for our body, at least three months or more. This period is very important, especially the three months of pregnancy, preferably after half a year, if there is not so much time, etc. Every day, the window is opened. After all, it is very influential to the fetus, so the newly renovated house will stay in the house as late as possible.

2. For families with babies, it is better to stay in a newly renovated house for 6 months, which is good for health. Before I had a 2 year old baby in my neighbor's house, I suspected that it was related to the decoration. I put some green plants, it is best to buy an air purifier. If the children stayed, it is recommended to stay in the room after half a year.

3, the newly renovated house should stay after 2-3 months, so the smell will go almost. And in the case of ventilation, this will help the smell to develop. If the method of removing formaldehyde is good, it can also shorten the check-in time. You can raise some plants, aloe vera and other hot scavengers in the room. Studies have shown that tiger-tail orchid and spider plant can absorb more than 80% of harmful gases in the room.

Second, second-hand housing renovation precautions


1. It is necessary to understand our specific steps in the process of decoration. It is best for us to check before the workers enter the scene. It is best to measure the corners of the home and personally measure the area involved in the renovation process. In particular, the measurement of dimensions in the decoration of the second-hand house with tile surface must be accurate.

2, the main body of this step is very important, including the removal of walls, plastic windows and so on. I have to have a basic plan in advance. The dismantled garbage should be cleaned up in time. The finished door should be fixed at the time of the second-hand house renovation process. At this time, it is best to go through the cabinets, hoods, stoves and water heaters, and you can confirm them.

3. It is necessary to carry out the transformation of hydropower so that our residence will be safer and have potential safety hazards. We will also be very uncomfortable living. Before the hydropower transformation, the water heater, the wall below the basin, it is best to leave the power socket for easy loading of the kitchen treasure. Strong and weak power should be kept at a distance of 20 cm. For example, a distance of 20 cm should be left between the socket and the network cable.

Give us a satisfied home. It is the focus of renovation. Therefore, we pay more special attention to the decoration of the second-hand house. Everyone remembers staying late. This will not affect our health. Let us live in peace of mind. If you still want to continue with more renovation information, please continue to pay attention to our decoration home website. Our website will keep updating the information.

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