Hotel lock features

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Hotel lock features

In the hotel guests choose to live in, the personal safety of the tenant and property safety is the most important, whether it is today more and more hotels from all aspects to attract customers, this is always the most important, the security of the hotel lock is undoubtedly the most important . Hotel locks have features such as flood prevention, anti-theft, explosion-proof, and anti-copying. Hotel locks give guests a safe and stylish travel living space.

1. Password control: All cards are encrypted cards, only the password is checked correctly, can open the door to read the data.

2. Lost report loss: Computer control can report the lost card to be invalid.

3. Time control: The door lock is equipped with a dual-clock chip with automatic error correction function to ensure the clock accuracy of the door lock and reject the clock. Open the door way: swipe once, make a sound, blue light, turn the handle to open the door.

4. Open the door: After the door is opened, the handle resets the door lock and automatically locks. If the card is not opened, it will be automatically locked after 5 seconds.

5, door lock data memory: imported chips, refused to drop data.

6, regional control: multi-regional control can achieve vertical and horizontal control of the hotel area.

7. Imitation plug alarm: When the door is not closed, the door lock will automatically alarm to remind the guests to close the door, so as to avoid unsafe factors.

8, unlock records: According to customer requirements, can set more than 1,000 unlock records, you can completely record any level of smart cards and mechanical keys unlock records, to the hotel's internal security management to provide reliable data.

9. Failure Analysis: If the door lock does not open normally or the battery is low, the indicator will flash.

10. Mechanical emergency keys: equipped with anti-technical open mechanical keys to ensure that the door locks are opened in an emergency.

11, the international standard lock body: the use of international standard lock body, with a plug-in function to prevent anyone attempting to insert the door with a business card, ID card, etc. to open the door illegally.

12, door lock appearance material:

13, door lock surface treatment:

14, cylinder core wear-resistant materials:

15. Free lock cylinder design:

16, motherboard innovation process:

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