Sanitary partition door Material Sanitary partition Door Installation Precautions

Sanitary partitions are very popular in recent years for renovations. They not only provide transparency and space, but also have an ingenious design that makes the bathroom more beautiful and practical. In the partition of the bathroom, the material and size chosen according to different situations are also different. What is the material of the sanitary partition door ? What should you watch out for when installing a toilet door? Let's take a look together!

1, toilet partition door material - moisture board

Moisture-proof board is also called melamine board. The base material will be added with a certain proportion of moisture-proof particles made of high temperature and high pressure during the production process. It has the characteristics of water-in-expansion, and is especially suitable for toilet partition materials.

2, toilet partition material - PVC plate

The cross section of the PVC board is a honeycomb mesh structure, which has the characteristics of waterproof, heat insulation and sound insulation, and is a substitute for wood aluminum. It is widely used in decorative building materials, packaging, medicine and other industries.

3, toilet partition material - metal material

The metal material is partitioned and has many advantages such as light weight, high strength, easy installation, and waterproofness. The use of metal as a partition material in the bathroom also has a good sound insulation and insulation effect.

4, toilet partition material - tempered glass

Tempered glass is a safety glass. In order to increase the strength of the glass during the production, a chemical or physical method is used to form a compressive stress on the glass surface. In this way, the glass first counteracts the stress of the surface layer when subjected to external forces, thereby increasing the carrying capacity. Is now widely used in high-rise building doors and windows, indoor partition glass, guardrails and other areas.

Toilet partition installation precautions :

1, lighting

The lighting in the bathroom must be sufficient, the air must be circulated, and the partition must be ventilated. The partition cannot be set in front of the window. This will block the light in the room.

2, smooth movement

In order to save space, some people will use a wine cabinet or shelf to double as a partition for the bathroom. When using this type of partition, be careful to keep close to the walls so that the entire line will be smooth and more beautiful.

3, orientation

Feng Shui toilet northeast of the bathroom and the center for the position of Wang Qi, in the setting of the partition can not be set in these two positions, otherwise it will block the circulation of the gas, so that the owner is not easy to get rich.

4, color

The color of the partition material recommended for the bathroom should not be too dark, mainly in beige or white, this will not only benefit Feng Shui, but also make people feel more comfortable and comfortable.

Conclusion: The above is the relevant content of the material for the sanitary partition door for everyone, hoping to bring help to friends in need. If you need to learn more about the later stage, please pay attention to the information on this site.

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