How to decorate the style TV wall of the latest TV background wall

The living room is the center of our family as a whole. When the guest enters the house, the first thing I see is the living room. I will sit on the sofa and talk about my heart. The most important thing to watch on the sofa is the TV wall. A good-looking TV wall affects The style of the whole home. Therefore, TV background wall decoration is the most important. The unique design of the decoration will have a great impact on the environment of the entire living room. Then today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the style of the latest TV background wall, how to decorate the TV wall.


First, the style of the latest TV background wall

1. The decoration wall of its TV background is one of the keys to home decoration, and it has the proper primary position in the decoration. The TV background wall is usually used to compensate for the wide wall of the TV background in the living room, and together it serves to decorate the living room.

2. In general, the TV background wall is the performance of the living room. Therefore, at the beginning of the plan, the planner first thinks about how the characteristics of the background wall match the overall decoration characteristics of the living room. It is extravagant and more Canon. The characterization of outstanding masters is sought under the conditions of all the characteristics of advancement.

3. If it is eccentric to Chinese traditional civilization, it can be planned and distributed on the background wall through paintings, seals, paintings, “elements”, etc., ancient civilization stones and wall tiles, marble with natural grain, walnut, ash, etc. They are all good materials. Stainless steel and glass are usually used to express fashionable and avant-garde characteristics. Several images and irregular lines are used to interpret this characteristic. Some modern fine-featured homes love to use hand-painted, liquid wallpapers and even artistic paints to paint some vines to express the elegant atmosphere.


Second, how to decorate the TV wall

1. TV background wall is a project that most decoration customers pay more attention to. There are many ways to manufacture it. Gypsum board exterior, aluminum-plastic board, Malay lacquer, paint color appearance, wooden paint appearance, glass, stone appearance. There are also ways to wallpaper.

2. When manufacturing, if it is a wall-mounted TV set, the wall should have a bearing (pre-embedded pendant or a strong bottom layer) and a satisfactory socket. It is better to bury a thick PVC pipe and all the wires. After the tube is passed to the lower TV cabinet, the DVD cable, closed road, and audio cable are installed inside.

3. It is necessary to think about the width of the living room when planning. Generally speaking, the better interval between the eyes of a person's eyes is 3.5 times that of the TV set. Therefore, do not make the TV wall too thick, which makes the living room narrow.

4, first measure the orientation of the sofa, after determining the orientation of the sofa, determine the orientation of the TV, and then determine the appearance of the background wall by the size of the TV.

The above article is the style of the latest TV background wall introduced to you by Xiaobian, how to decorate the TV wall. I believe everyone will understand after reading it. There are many decoration styles of the TV background wall. We can design according to the decoration style of our own home during the decoration design. Your reading is the motivation of Xiaobian. If there are other needs, please pay attention to the decoration home network.

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